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Big Sports, Big Hearts, Big Difference

On Tuesday, 24 July 2012, Big Sports Management (BSM) is announcing its decision to partner with the Children’s Hospital Trust. The success of JP Duminy’s association with the Trust whilst being managed by BSM, has led both organisations to work more closely together. The Trust and BSM have now added alongside current ambassador JP Duminy, new clients to the Trust’s Ambassador Programme as part of this partnership. From today Dan Skinstad and the Big Sports Golf team of Sunshine Tour Professional golfers have joined the Trust’s Ambassador Programme.

The Ambassador Programme provides a platform for high profile individuals to give back in a meaningful way, enriching the lives of the Hospital’s young patients. An Ambassador of the Children’s Hospital Trust is more than just a public representative but also an inspiration to sick and injured children who spend long periods confined to their hospital beds. A partnership with BSM enables the Children’s Hospital Trust to reach the audiences of various recognised personalities, and an opportunity for the Trust to be involved in sporting initiatives arranged by BSM.

Louise Driver, CEO of the Children’s Hospital Trust, says, “Partnering with Big Sports Management is a good fit for the Children’s Hospital Trust. We are delighted that this partnership has brought new Ambassadors on board. The Trust Ambassadors are selected for their integrity and perception in the public eye and also how they align with the Trust’s ethos. 100% of all donations to the Trust go directly to fundraising projects and programmes and it is this unique factor that attributes to our successes. We look forward to fruitful partnerships with BSM and our newly enlisted Ambassadors.”

Driver says that Ambassadors will attend Trust events and publicly support the Trust’s fundraising projects and campaigns. Children often aspire to sports personalities as role models and the Ambassador Programme provides the young patients with a chance to meet their sport heroes and boost Hospital staff morale when they visit the Hospital wards. As fundraiser for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and Paediatric Healthcare in the Western Cape, the Children’s Hospital Trust supports the Hospital’s approach to holistic healing and the Ambassador Programme will do the same.

Big Sports Management is a sports player management company representing some of South Africa’s best known cricketers, Sunshine Tour golfers and public personalities. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, BSM assists its clients with all legal matters, rights issues and financial, career and diary management, as well as lifestyle services.

“BSM understands that players and other personalities need to focus their attention on their profession and the service we provide assists them to do just that. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in partnering with the Children’s Hospital Trust and the privilege afforded us to impact on the lives of so many sick children in need of the specialist care provided by the Red Cross Children’s Hospital,” says Brendon Bigara, Commercial Director of Big Sports Management.

The Children’s Hospital Trust’s Ambassador Programme was launched in 2009 with SA cricketer JP Duminy being the first official Ambassador, while Clem Sunter is currently an honorary Ambassador.

For more information about the Children’s Hospital Trust’s Ambassador Programme visit or contact the Children’s Hospital Trust on 021 686 7860.

To find out more about Big Sports Management visit contact
021 422 1170.