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Raise funds for the Trust

The Children's Hospital Trust organises various events during the year and we’re fortunate that many other organisations, companies and individuals come on board by hosting their own events to assist us in our fundraising efforts.

If you believe in the excellent work that we are doing and would like to help, there are many ways you can support our charity organisation below.

If you're a school, wanting to get involved, we have put together a comprehensive toolkit to help make your fundraising efforts a little easier.

  • Organise your own event

    You can organise your own fundraising event to benefit the Hospital and paediatric healthcare programmes we fundraise for. We can offer guidance and advice on sponsorship, services, and event ideas (gala dinner, golf day, raffles, auctions etc…). Please review our event guidelines and protocols before proceeding with your event.

    PLEASE NOTE: Only events approved by the Children’s Hospital Trust will be entitled to host a fundraising event in aid of the Trust and/or our priority projects. All third party event organiser must complete an application form. Upon approval, all events/event organisers will be issued with a Letter of Authorisation on a Trust letterhead. When approached by a member of the public claiming to be fundraising for the Trust or Hospital ask to see their Letter of Authorisation to ensure that it is an approved event or project.

  • Participate in an existing event and fundraise

    You could add value to an already established or planned event by participating and making the Children's Hospital Trust your beneficiary.

  • In celebration (donations in lieu)

    Whether for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or another special occasion, a thoughtful and generous way to toggle a friend or loved one you care is to make a donation in lieu of a gift.

    We will mail your honouree a letter advising them of your gift (this notification will not include your donation amount, just your name) and you will receive a tax receipt and your donation will be fully tax-deductible.

    When making your donation make sure you indicate the celebration occasion and include the full name of the person you are celebrating, as well as their mailing address.

    You can also nominate the Trust as a beneficiary of your own special occasion. You can ask family and friends to make a donation via our website, cheque or bank deposit listing your name as the honouree.

  • In memoriam

    Making a donation in memoriam is a considerate and powerful way to honour your friend or loved one who has passed on. When making your donation, please include the full name of the tribute recipient. If you would like us to notify their next of kin of your gift, make sure you also include the next of kin's full name and mailing address.

    We will promptly mail a personalised sympathy card to the nominated family informing them of your gift. You will receive a tax receipt and your donation will be fully tax-deductible.

If you reside in the UK and would like to get involved in fundraising and make the Children’s Hospital Trust your chosen charity, click here for more information.