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Dr Roux Martinez – an Incredible Woman

Dr Roux Martinez is a woman of many skills and has worked incredibly hard to become the doctor that... Read More

Children’s Hospital Trust CEO scoops two Prestigious Awards

The continent’s top influential leaders came together at the esteemed SADC South Region Awards... Read More

Breastmilk matters: new partnerships to save South Africa’s youngest lives

This World Breastfeeding Week, the Children’s Hospital Trust UK team is proud to announce three... Read More

Generosity of public means new ICU for Red Cross Children’s Hospital

Over the past two years, the Children’s Hospital Trust has raised funds for the upgrade and... Read More

Sawsan’s brave journey to SA

Dr Sawsan Yassin travelled all the way from Sudan in 2015 to Cape Town for one reason and one reason... Read More

Karen’s colourful character brightens up APFP

Karen’s colourful scrubs are just one of the features that stand out when you meet her. Her bright... Read More

Make the first 67 minutes count this Mandela Day

It takes more than 12 hours for a child to reach an ICU… The first 67 minutes of critical... Read More

Help save lives this Ramadan

Meet burns survivor, Mujahid. "When I was six-years-old my clothes caught alight. With 47% of my... Read More

Outside South African borders

Rodgers Gift Benkele graduated from the Child Nurse Practice Development Initiative in 2015 – a... Read More

A step beyond the Red Cross Children’s Hospital

The Children’s Hospital Trust also works to improve child healthcare provision outside of the... Read More