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Meet some brave little kids whose lives have been saved by the Hospital and are so inspiring.

Meet Niyaaz

When Niyaaz was six weeks old, he experienced projectile vomiting. His concerned parents took him... Read More

Milani Qongqo

Milani’s mother thought her little boy was sound asleep in their Khayelitsha home, while she was... Read More

Sammelyn Dreyer

At the tender age of eight, Sammelyn Dreyer has achieved more than could ever be expected of one so... Read More

Sudi Mutombo

Little Sudi Mutombo from Congo was only two years old when his grandmother brought him to the Red... Read More

Sibulele Liwani

Sibulele Liwani is a 13 year old boy who has a smile to warm the coldest day. When he was just two... Read More

Tavonga Chikwenya

Tavonga Chikwenya is 7 years old and originally comes from Zimbabwe. Tavonga is a normal,... Read More