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Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital was built in 1956 and is the largest, stand alone tertiary hospital dedicated entirely to child healthcare in Southern Africa. The Hospital is a public, tertiary hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, and is also a teaching hospital for the University of Cape Town.  This iconic children’s Hospital is world-renowned and is committed to delivering world-class paediatric treatment, care, research and specialist training.

The Red Cross Children’s Hospital manages around 260 000 patient visits each year, the majority of which are from exceptionally poor and marginalised communities.  One third of the little patients are younger than a year. This extraordinary place of healing advocates that no child will be turned away.  There are also no visiting hours as parents are encouraged to be a part of their child’s healing journey.

Patients are referred from the Western Cape, the rest of South Africa and across broader Africa.  The Hospital provides training to paediatric healthcare professionals from the entire sub-continent and conducts ground-breaking research into the childhood illnesses that has a global impact. 

The Hospital’s stature far outweighs its 260 000 annual patient visits. It holds the hope of a healthy childhood, a parent’s faith in healing, and a medical professional’s gift of prevention and cure for tomorrow’s most precious resources – our children.