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Woolworths Childsafe Research and Educational Centre


Every year in Southern Africa, more than 8,000 children and adolescents between the ages of 1 and 14 years die as a result of unintentional injuries, which could have been prevented. Most of the National Health budget is allocated to curing and treating diseases with very little focus on child injury prevention and rehabilitation. More than 95% of all injury related deaths in children occur in poorer countries with lower incomes and South Africa is no exception i.e. a child in South Africa has 25 times more chance of ending up in hospital due to trauma and accident related injuries compared to the United Kingdom.


Childsafe would have a dedicated research and educational centre built at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, where their experienced staff could focus on improving child safety and injury prevention. The centre would offer education and skills training programmes to patients’ families as well as the general public on child safety. It would also conduct essential research through the collection of relevant trauma data by providing input into child safety legislation, adequate and appropriate standards regarding children’s products and safer environments are created. The centre would host a ‘Safety Demonstration House’ that models existing setups in lower income households where parents/care-givers can learn how to best assemble their home (particularly bathrooms and kitchens) to prevent injuries.

Thank You for Your Help

The Woolworths Trust, the key project funder, donated just under R1.5million of the R6.4million needed to build and equip the new facility that will house the staff and activities of Childsafe South Africa. The Woolworths Childsafe Research and Educational Centre increases Childsafe’s capacity and reach in addressing the serious issue of childhood accidents. By supporting this project you have helped Childsafe strengthen their community engagement through research, education and advocacy thus decreasing the number of serious child related accidents in the country.

Construction on the Childsafe Research and Educational Centre commenced in August 2013 and was completed in May 2014.

For more information on this project please click here or contact Chantel Cooper