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Development of a Child Healthcare Guideline: Practical Approach Care Kit (PACK Child)

The Problem

It is a national and international priority to improve child health care and reduce childhood mortality, but this will require substantial strengthening of health systems and up-skilling of healthcare workers in South Africa. The majority of children in South Africa enter the health system through primary care clinics. Most could be treated at this level, but health worker knowledge and expertise in the diagnosis and management of children at primary care level is sub-optimal. This leads to ineffective care, and inappropriate or delayed referrals, both of which compromise children’s health further and frequently leads to unnecessary hospital admissions.

The Solution

The Knowledge Translation Unit has successfully developed a number of clinical care guidelines for adults. It will now:
• develop a user-friendly, comprehensive clinical guideline to assist nurses and doctors working in primary care facilities to better diagnose, treat and refer children;
• use innovative but well-tested methods to train health workers to use the guidelines.

How you can Help

The Trust is committed to raising R2.9 million over the next two years (mid 2014 to 2016) to support this essential programme. Your support will go towards the development of an inclusive primary care guideline focused on child health, and capacitating nurses and doctors so that children are more efficiently diagnosed, and appropriately treated and referred. With the implementation of this programme, the potential for expanding PACK Child to reach children all around South Africa and beyond is a reality.

For more information regarding this project contact Chantel Cooper on 021 686 7860