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Meet Sammelyn Dreyer

At the tender age of eight, Sammelyn Dreyer has achieved more than could ever be expected of one so young. Not only has she survived a terrible accident that left 45% of her body burned, as well as severe scarring, but against all odds she’s still managed to remain a happy and positive little girl.

While playing with a friend at her home in Worcester, a small town 100km from Cape Town, Sammelyn’s dress was accidentally set alight, leaving her critically burnt. Her parents rushed her to the local hospital where doctors transferred her to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

Every minute was precious as this young girl’s life hung in the balance. Sammelyn was immediately admitted to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital’s Trauma Unit where eight doctors were ready and waiting for her. She spent three long months in ICU fighting for her life and once recovery was evident, she was transferred to the Hospital’s Burns Unit to begin the long and difficult process of healing.

Sammelyn and her family experienced first-hand the care and expertise that the Burns Rehabilitation Programme has to offer, ranging from multiple skin grafts to daily physiotherapy sessions. After a total of four months in hospital, this brave little girl was able to return home to her family and friends – and a bright future.

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