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St Joseph’s Paediatric Rehabilitation Programme

Development of a Paediatric Rehabilitation Programme at St Joseph’s for Chronically Ill Children for children requiring inpatient rehabilitation in the Western Cape

The Problem

Currently in the Western Cape, there are no inpatient rehabilitation services dedicated to children at a community level. Existing services for children are largely confined to inpatient care in specialised hospitals, such as the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, Tygerberg Children’s Hospital and Groote Schuur Hospital, and their associated outpatient departments. In addition, these services are often far from the patients’ homes and they can only see patients for one treatment session a month. This is vastly inadequate to address the needs of young patients requiring rehabilitation.

The Solution

St Joseph’s for Chronically Ill Children which is based in Montana Cape Town, is ideally suited to meet the need for a dedicated community-based paediatric inpatient rehabilitation service.  They have therapeutic staff members (occupational therapists, speech therapists and physiotherapists) and additional bed capacity. With secured funding in place, they are setting aside up to 25 of their 130 beds to this dedicated service.

How you can Help

The Children’s Hospital Trust committed to raising R3.9m over three years to support this programme, which was implemented in August 2013, because regardless of a limitation in their bodies all children have an innate desire to learn, explore and develop. Those who have supported this programme are allowing children who have suffered illness and injury the opportunity to rehabilitate effectively and thus live normal lives again as young children.

Every child dreams of a happy childhood no matter their limitation

For more information on this project please contact Chantel Cooper