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A Child's journey through the healthcare system depends on the quality of care they receive from more than one paediatric facility. The Children's Hospital Trust funds key projects that significantly improve the quality of healthcare a child will receive along the way - so that each child's journey back to childhood is the shortest one possible.


We share this journey with you to illustrate the path back to well-being that a child may take when they are injured or face a critical illness.

For instance, little Zack might be assisted by a healthcare professional at clinic level, who has received training through a clinical guideline called the Practical Approach to Care Kit for children (PACK), funded by the Children's Hospital Trust.

Zack is then admitted to Tygerberg Hospital for specialised care, but then referred to the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital for a chronic lung infection. He will spend time in ICU at the Red Cross Children's Hospital, then enter the BreathEasy Programme for children who require breathing assistance and eventually be referred to St. Joseph's for Chronically Ill Children for rehabilitation, before being able to go back home.

The Children's Hospital Trust's fundraising expands to all these medical services.

St. Joseph's for Chronically I'll Children Breatheasy Programme Red Cross Children's Hospital Paediatric ICU Parent's Accomodation Tygerberg Children's Hospital PACK Home