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Meet Baby Lenique and Mom Rene

Lenique is a happy, 6 month old baby with a contagious smile who loves attention. Lenique has Tuberculosis Meningitis and after lifesaving treatment at the Hospital, this tenacious baby girl is finally back to her usual self.

Lenique’s mom, René, became worried when her baby’s temperature rocketed; she started vomiting and not feeding well. René also noticed her baby’s body becoming increasingly stiff, particularly her neck, arms and legs. The local hospital referred her to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, where doctors diagnosed her with TB Meningitis. She was admitted to the B1 Medical Ward where she received excellent medical care despite the ward being 56 years old.

The Trust raised nearly R13million for the upgrade and equipping of this ward, which will be complete in June 2012. This ward treats patients with stable medical conditions up to high care treatment. In early January 2011, Lenique had a shunt surgically inserted in her head to drain fluid from her brain. Although she is still slightly lame on her left side, René has witnessed a remarkable improvement in Lenique’s responsiveness and appetite.

At just 6 months old, Lenique has faced so many battles to stay alive but she is still a lively and playful child. She has an identical twin sister and her mother has had to share herself between the two babies, spending many nights sleeping in a chair beside Lenique’s bed. René said that she saw Lenique get healthier and stronger every day since she first arrived at the Hospital.

The new renovated ward will be designed to accommodate modern medical needs, reduce the risk of cross-infection, provide increased isolation and general accommodation space, which is crucial for improving patient outcomes. The upgrade will also be beneficial for the nurses and numerous allied health professionals who facilitate the short and long term rehabilitation process.

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