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Building a new Radiology Complex


The practices of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital provide a service to all departments, clinics and wards in the Hospital 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are often crucial steps in assessing the nature of illness or trauma in children. They are a window into the body, and within minutes, provide specialists with a clear picture of what treatment plan each patient requires. Currently split between 3 floors and 3 sites as, together with the space limitations, negatively affects the efficiency of the dedicated teams, compromises the flow of the ever increasing patient load, as well as staff management and access.

There is physically not enough space for the practitioners, their patients and the parents. A comfortable, separate waiting room for patients and appropriate facilities and treatment space to conduct procedures is essential. Some children need to be sedated prior to a procedure, and witnessing this process or being sedated close to a noisy waiting area, causes anxiety and stress to families. Patients and carers often feel overwhelmed and afraid in these busy crowded departments. A dedicated facility is desperately needed.


To build a Radiology Complex that will house the Hospital’s existing Radiology and Nuclear Medicine departments to continue to provide this core service to all the Hospital departments. This new facility is absolutely fundamental to the future ability of the Hospital to maintain the standards of diagnosis and care for which it is renowned. Building this brand new facility to incorporate these two departments will have a major impact on overcrowding in passages, provide necessary and appropriate ablutions, as well as comfortable and supportive waiting areas for patients and parents.

How You Can Help

With the Western Cape Government: Health funding 50% of the total cost of R40million the Children’s Hospital Trust needs to raise the remaining R20 million to build and equip this critical facility. Your support will make a very real difference to critically ill or injured children whose lives depend on their doctor being able to make an accurate diagnosis fast.


Construction of the Radiology Complex will commence in July 2013 and is due for final completion in August 2015.

For more information on this project please click here, or contact Chantel Cooper