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Medical Wards B1 & B2


Medical Wards B1 & B2 are extremely busy wards specialising in general medical patients, infectious patients, and patients with chronic illnesses. They provide the best clinical care with the shortest hospitalisation possible, providing the best possible training and teaching of all categories of staff and families, with the active involvement in research as well as rehabilitation. They provide optimal clinical care for all inpatients and offer education, psychological and social support to the patient and family throughout their stay and as visiting outpatients.


The original wards were built along with the Hospital in 1956 and have only had minor upgrades since then. There is insufficient space to accommodate and prevent cross-infection and the vital equipment is out-dated.


The upgrades will assist the wards focus their care on sick children in an appropriate way whilst maximising staff skills in this area. They will significantly reduce the risk of cross-infection and provide better conditions for children whilst admitted, as well as increased emotional support for the children and parents who greatly contribute to their positive prognosis.


Ward B1 building cost is R11.8 million (including the Cathlab) with an additional R2 million equipment cost.

Ward B2 building cost will be R10 million with an additional R2 million for equipment costs.


B1 upgrade commenced in October 2011 and was completed in June 2012 and B2 upgrade commenced in June 2012 and is due for final completion in February 2013.

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