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Meet Meet Niyaaz

When Niyaaz was six weeks old, he experienced projectile vomiting. His concerned parents took him to their local doctor in the Eastern Cape and he was treated for Gastroenteritis. It was soon discovered that Niyaaz had Polycystic Kidney Disease, where cysts developed on both kidneys. Unfortunately, one of Niyaaz’s kidneys had been under-developed since birth and at only 3 months old, he was admitted to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. The doctors informed his parents that they would only consider a transplant if his weight reached 10kg.

The following 11 months were filled with complications as he also suffered from reflux. Sadly, all this prolonged his possibility of having a transplant because he had difficulty swallowing. Then Niyaaz was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, resulting in Diabetes, and after removing the cysts from his pancreas, doctors discovered his liver was enlarged.

Niyaaz’s mother, Saaida, recalls how doctors phoned her often to show their concern. Niyaaz’s uncle donated one of his kidneys and on 12 January 2011, Niyaaz had a kidney transplant. His mother is thrilled that her son now has a chance to live a healthier life.

Being from the Eastern Cape, Niyaaz’s parents are able to stay in accommodation at the Mother’s Home on the Hospital’s premises so that they can be close to their son. Niyaaz had been sick for most of his young life, but is now so happy and chatty, with the cutest smile and the doctors are pleased with his recovery.

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