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Operating Theatres Complex

In August 2006 the Trust launched O.P.E.R.A.T.I.O.N. Theatre. This high profile fundraising campaign, in partnership with the Cape Argus, encouraged the South African public to help raise the final R10 million needed to start building Phase One of the project. The R125 million target was reached and building commenced in March 2007.

The upgrade from four to eight new theatres has provided each surgical speciality their own operating theatre. This has assisted in surgeries being performed with greater efficiency and reduced the wear and tear on valuable equipment as they are not moved in and out of theatres. It has dramatically improved the working conditions, helping to attract and retain high quality surgeons and staff. It has contributed to the hospital and its surgeons keep abreast of modern surgical techniques and technology resulting in greater efficiency leading to improved patient outcomes. All of this maintains the Hospital’s position at the forefront of paediatric healthcare and education in Africa and in the world.