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Parents Accommodation Upgrade

At the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital dedicated staff know that there is more to healing children than medication and treatment; more often, a mother’s touch is just what the doctor ordered….


Situated on the grounds of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, the accommodation for parents that previously existed, offered them the precious opportunity to be near their children during their stay in hospital. Due to the increase in demand, however, there was a critical need to increase the capacity of the out-dated accommodation to house the many parents needing to stay overnight or for as long as their children are in hospital.


Upgrading the facility meant that more parents of long-term patients could stay at the Hospital in a more comfortable space during this difficult time. Vital daily parental support has proven to result in quicker recovery and shorter periods of hospitalisation for these young patients.


The Children’s Hospital Trust raised the R7.2 million needed to renovate and increase capacity for the Parents Accommodation on the grounds of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital allowing more parents to stay with their seriously sick children and help speed up their recovery.

For more information regarding this project please contact Chantel Cooper