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Upgrading the Paediatric Ward of Victoria Hospital


Built in 1888 Victoria Hospital, situated in Wynberg in the Western Cape had not been upgraded in 125 years. Their Paediatric Ward in particular was in desperate need of an upgrade to ensure that medical services are able to remain on par with modern, standard medical practise.

Sickness in children is always an emotive issue, not only for the children themselves who cannot understand, but for their anxious parents too. This is compounded every time a mother has to leave her child while they are in their most vulnerable state. The previous configuration of the Victoria Hospital General Paediatric Ward, together with the limited space, meant that parents could not stay with their children while they were in Hospital, creating tremendous separation anxiety, fear and trauma during hospitalisation.  It also placed an additional workload on nursing staff that had to tend to distraught and anxious patients whilst also managing duties that their mothers could assist with such as nappy changes and bottle feeding.

In addition, the ward did not have sufficient isolation cubicles for children with diarrheal and infectious diseases; there was no counselling area; no space for a parents room where they could prepare meals and shower; and insufficient space for nurses and doctors to work. They also needed more space to store equipment and ward stock.

Victoria Hospital has a very close and strong link with the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.  All their patients under the age of 2 requiring surgery or ICU admission are treated at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital first, and then transferred back to Victoria Hospital.  In addition, paediatricians from Victoria and the Children’s Hospital consult extensively through their “shared-care” patients.


To upgrade the C3 Paediatric Ward at Victoria Hospital, increasing space sufficiently to accommodate parents at the bedside of their children, provide isolation cubicles and also make provision for critical areas required for counselling, parent’s restroom, procedure room, offices, ablutions and storage space for equipment.

Thank you for your Help

This project cost approximately R10 million.  R5 million was committed by a private family foundation and the Children’s Hospital Trust needed to raise the remaining R5 million required to support Victoria Hospital’s child friendly paediatric ward. By supporting this upgrade you have helped Victoria Hospital support their patients in a holistic and sustainable manner.

Construction on Victoria Hospital Paediatric Ward commenced in March 2013 and was completed in December 2013.  

For more information on this project please click here or contact Chantel Cooper